A range of unique galleries and spaces

Set within the cultural heart of London, the unique and inspiring galleries and spaces can accommodate from 10 guests for a sit-down dinner up to 1500 guests for a standing drinks reception.

Master data

  • In-house catering


Name of spaceLWHsq. m
Energy Hall500
Exploring Space3008018080
Making The Modern World750400
Driverless: Who is in control?400250
Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery 40032
Engineer Your Future22060
The Winton Gallery200
Information Age400
Who Am I?300
  • Key
  • Standing
  • Classroom
  • Theatre
  • U-shape
  • Boardroom
  • Cabaret
  • Circle


This striking space, 'Energy Hall', showcases the past and present of Britain’s engineering history and its achievements since the Industrial Revolution. It’s available for evening hire and is perfect for standing receptions of up to 500 guests.


'Exploring Space' is an evocative gallery which tells the fascinating story of space exploration and showcases satellites, probes, landers and actual space rockets. Available for evening hire, this out-of-this-world location is the ideal landing site for a drinks reception for up to 300 people or dinner for up to 180.


The amazing 'Making The Modern World' is a gallery chronicling the inventions that shaped modern society. With a capacity of up to 750 for a drinks reception or up to 350 for dining, it’s a fabulous venue for a spectacular large-scale event.


'Driverless: Who is in control?' is an interactive gallery that spotlights the latest breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine. This innovative space is available for evening hire. It’s ideal for standing receptions of up to 400 and can be combined with The Diner for catered events. The space showcases 9-month-long exhibitions on hot topics. 


Fuel your imagination and immerse yourself in a world of wonder at the newest and most spectacular interactive gallery, 'Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery'. This unique and exciting space is available for evening hire, it accommodates receptions for up to 400 guests and dinners for up to 200 guests. Spread across seven dazzling zones, there are lots of opportunities to get hands-on with real scientific phenomena.


Let your imagination soar in 'Flight' an inspiring gallery, which tells the story of manned flight through many of the most significant objects in aviation history. Styled as a replica aircraft hangar, the 'Flight' gallery is available for both day-time and evening hire. Your guests can dine and dance beneath the incredible icons of aviation in an ambient space that accommodates up to 350 people for a dinner/dance or 400 for a reception.


'Engineer Your Future', a fun and interactive space aiming to inspire budding engineers; this fascinating gallery is available for evening hire, and for daytime hire subject to availability. Accommodating up to 220 guests for a drinks reception, it is the perfect space for intimate and engaging corporate events.


'Mathematcis: The Winton Gallery' is a stunning space designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, this gallery is perfect for evening receptions of pre-dinner drinks.


'Information Age' is a fascinating space celebrating more than 200 years of innovation in information and communication technologies and is available for evening hire. Accommodating up to 400 guests, it is the perfect venue for standing drinks receptions. 


A thought-provoking space which demystifies the science behind climate change, 'Atmosphere' is an interactive gallery that is perfect for evening receptions or intimate dinners.


'Who Am I', is a futuristic space offering an insight into the latest advances in brain science and genetics, this contemporary gallery is available for evening hire for up to 300 guests.


  • On-site kitchen
  • In-house catering


  • Lighting equipment
  • Sound system/microphone
  • Stage
  • Projector
  • Wlan


  • Access for trucks possible
  • Air-conditioned
  • Lift
  • Goods lift